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Webinars are the right answer when it comes to attending seminars without the hassle of travel and face-to-face contact with other participants.

From your home or office, you can access the training environment for the practical exercises via the Internet and see and hear the trainer.

The requirements are very simple:

- Internet access with Chrome browser.
- Webcam and microphone

The training environment for the practical exercises is also available via the Internet.


The seminar and the content discussed are therefore the same as a traditional seminar.

As a special service, we offer you our implementation guarantee from 2 participants (for seminars lasting 1-2 days, the guarantee applies from 3 participants).

As we want to convince you of our service, the trainer will come to your premises - at no extra charge. Prices and seminar contents are the same as for public seminars without the need to travel. If you do not wish the seminar to be held on your premises, we will be happy to offer you the option of holding it on our premises.

Excluded from our guarantee are force majeure, illness of the trainer and all other effects which we cannot influence and for which we are not responsible.

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